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Vascardio Heart and Vascular Institute was founded by Dr. Francisco Dieguez, Jr, one of the most recognized cardiologists in South Florida. Being in practice for 12 years, he has envisioned an institute that is able to encompass all facets necessary for treatment of all cardiovascular diseases in a personalized fashion. His vision has become a reality. The multitude of services within Vascardio Heart and Vascular Institute make it the most complete institute to render services without having to enter a non-personalized hospital setting.

Vascardio Heart And Vascular Institute is a state of the art facility that specializes in the upmost quality of care for it's cardiovascular patients. Our staff and medical practitioners render the latest innovative therapies to further enhance the wellness of our patients. Through proper and medically guided implementation of our individualized care we are able to prevent catastrophic outcomes that would otherwise would have happened. We are proud to render clinical evaluations five days a week. In addition, we have tailored therapies for those patients that have vascular ailments including harboring two Cath labs for proper interventions in patients who have advanced disease. We specializes in lower extremity pain, varicose veins treatments and give the latest and safest treatment ta for our patients.

Dr. Dieguez, has worked in many hospitals performing thousands of cardiovascular interventions. Throughout those experiences, his main goal was to be able to tailor the appropriate cardiovascular therapies In a concise and efficient manner without the psychological strains of enduring a large impersonal hospital setting. "My vision has been creating a state-of-the-art cardiovascular center that far exceeds our patients expectations."

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Cardiovascular Stress Tests

A noninvasive test that measures the capacity of the heart to tolerate physical stress. It helps diagnose coronary artery disease.

Echocardiograms/Vascular ultrasounds

Noninvasive studies that employ ultrasound in order to visualize the heart, arteries, and veins in the body. It identifies structural heart disease, as well as blockages in the arteries and varicosities and clots in the veins.

Peripheral angiogram/Angioplasty

A procedure performed in patients who have leg pain usually upon walking or have ulcers in their feet. Under local anesthesia , the procedure shows images of the leg arteries and their blockages. After imaging the arteries, balloon dilation of those arterial blockages via a specialized catheter improve those leg pains.

Cardiac catheterization

Cardiac catheterization, performed with a flexible tube (catheter), enables diagnosis and treatment of certain heart conditions. The catheter, inserted into a blood vessel in the groin, arm or neck, is threaded to the heart. Special dye may be used.

Varicose Veins Treatment

Leg pains that usually occur while at night or while resting are usually caused by varicose veins in people who have stood or sat for very long periods of time during their life. It also could be Inherited from family members. Under a pain-free procedure using local anesthesia and going home within 1hour, the varicose veins can be eliminated via a small catheter. Noting significant improvement in patients.

Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterizations

In patients whom are having chest pain or have an abnormal stress test a minimally invasive procedure could be performed. This pain-free procedure performed under local anesthesia can show images of blockages of the coronary or heart arteries. It is a procedure, usually done through the wrist, that could take only 15 minutes to perform. Patients can go home within hours of the procedure.

Laser superficial vein removal

Using a painless laser therapy, spider leg and body veins can be removed rapidly without injections.

True fatscultping

Through a painless procedure using radiofrequency waves, your abdominal fat can be reduced by up to 35% in just one session.

Clinical Cardiovascular Evaluation

In our Institute, we are able to evaluate patients with the most challenging cardiovascular conditions. In our detail oriented history taking and our meticulous physical examination of our patients we are able to reach an accurate working diagnosis that will lead us to the most accurate and efficient medical therapies.

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