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Hialeah Begins Construction of Cardiovascular Surgery Center

Hialeah is building a state-of-the-art outpatient cardiovascular surgery center, the only one of its kind in South Florida, expected to serve 2,000 patients per month. Albert Faz, Vice President of John Bell Construction, Councilman Jesús Tundidor, Councilman Carl Zogby, Dr. Francisco Diéguez, Esteban Bovo, Mayor of Hialeah, Councilwoman Vivian Muñoz Casals, and Mandy Llanes, Chairman of the Board of the Hialeah Chamber of Commerce, were present.

Esteban Bovo, Mayor of Hialeah, participated in the groundbreaking event for this pioneering outpatient cardiovascular surgery center on Tuesday, January 17th at Vascardio Heart & Vascular Institute, located at 145 E 49th Street, Hialeah. This unique facility in South Florida is being constructed by Dr. Francisco Diéguez in the city.

“The project led by Dr. Diéguez will prevent many patients from having to go to a hospital. They will not only save lives but also help improve the quality of life for many people,” stated the mayor during the ceremony. “Today we are not only celebrating a building but also the people who work here, the team of specialists dedicated to the residents of Hialeah,” he added.

Bovo also emphasized the importance of the city's support for such projects, indicating that without cooperation, Dr. Diéguez might have chosen a different location within the county for the center.

Dr. Diéguez, founder of Vascardio Heart & Vascular Institute, mentioned that the center, slated to open in early 2024, would function as a “mini-hospital” specializing in cardiovascular patient care. With 17 years of experience as a cardiologist and professional roots in Hialeah, Diéguez expressed his pride in creating the center, which was a vision he had several years ago.

The center will conduct various cardiovascular procedures, including the placement of mesh in the heart, pacemakers, stents, and other surgical procedures from a cardiovascular perspective. It will be the first independent center in South Florida specializing in outpatient cardiovascular services, capable of treating patients without hospital admission.

Upon completion, this building will represent the second phase of the Vascardio Heart & Vascular Institute. The first phase involves stress testing, spring implants, and percutaneous angioplasties to improve blood flow in arteries obstructed by cholesterol. The second phase will focus on minimally invasive surgical procedures, necessitating specific requirements. It will house two operating rooms functioning simultaneously, allowing for 20 to 25 procedures per day and featuring eight recovery beds to facilitate patient treatment flow and efficient management.

According to Dr. Diéguez, the risk of complications from procedures performed at the center is 1 in 100,000. “Patients will come in, undergo a 15-minute intervention, and within two or three hours, they will be able to go home.”

The construction of this modern center, which will “serve 2,000 patients per month”, will cost 5 million dollars, as stated by Oscar Morejón, President of John Bell Construction, the company responsible for building the facility.

The incidence of heart attacks and coronary diseases in Hialeah is higher than in other northern areas of the state. This fact was taken into consideration by Dr. Diéguez when planning the new center. “Moreover, Vascardio has been in the area for several years, and we wanted to leverage the recognition we have,” he added.

Others attending the event included Mandy Llanes, Chairman of the Hialeah Chamber of Commerce Board, local council members Carl Zogby, Jesús Tundidor, and Vivian Casals Muñoz, as well as entrepreneur Dariel Fernández, founder of Ponemus Inc.

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